Friday, 24 June 2011


The University of Oxford defines it principally as: "a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep"; "a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal".

But also, "there is not a universally accepted biological definition of dreaming. In 1952, Eugene Aserinsky identified and defined rapid eye movement (REM) sleep while working in the surgery of his PhD advisor. Aserinsky noticed that the sleepers' eyes fluttered beneath their closed eyelids, later using a polygraph machine to record their brainwaves during these periods. In one session, he awakened a subject who was wailing and crying out during REM and confirmed his suspicion that dreaming was occurring" (William Dement, 1996).

While dreams do not represent reality, it has nuances of it. Since most of the elements that containing we apprehended have from our daily lives. The conflict originates, -or at least in my case- when inside a dream, you meet someone you've never known. The question for this occasion is: a person who I've never seen in reality, really I've never had seen before? Because in the end, it might be i just not remember it, but may be recorded somewhere vaguely in my memory...
Usually, the dreams I remember them until 10 minutes after waking, which is why I know I've had pleasant dreams, only when that's the feeling I have, therefore, not remember the dream itself. Although there are exceptions where you can remember your dreams. For example, I always remember dreams in which I can fly. Strangely enough, they say that dreams have meanings background too.

On the other hand, dreams are also seen as a kind of goal or ideal to which you aspire. When I was younger was full of dreams, perhaps the most fanciful. Now no there is something specific to i really want to reach, because I have founded that i need in the narration of novels. I can do whatever you want to be, is like having a small world to do and undo as you wish.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Part 1- Calculate your carbon footprint!


What’s your carbon footprint?

Considering just the secundary item, my emission of CO2 is 5.79 tonnes

What’s the average carbon footprint of a person?
The web site says: The average footprint for people in Chile is 3.87 tonnes.

Part 2 - Take these Recycling quizzes


Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to run your TV for__3 hours__
but it depens on Tv, i think.
What are good ingredients for making compost?
We have two categories: Brown Materials such as leaves, hay, straw and paper, and Green materials such as grass clippings, fresh manure, vegetable trimmings and most green plant cuttings.
What do we mean by recycling?
Reprocessing of old materials into new products.
Where can recyclable goods come from?
Home, Industry, Business.

Is this true? > Recycling aluminum uses only 15% of the energy required by virgin production
False. Recycling aluminum uses only 5% of the energy required by virgin production

Part 3- Video: >> Top ten tips for recycling

Watch the video and choose the best 3 tips in your opinion.

1. to separate the garbage

2. remember to keep dump lid closed
3. squash plastic bottles to save space

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Taking Photos: click!

There are two situations in which I love taking photos:
At some spectacular landscape, usually during the summer, either on the banks of a lake in the middle of a forest, entering a cave or under any discovery that it look amazing.

All photos of this kind, look like this:
  This photo was taken by me in Radal (last summer), in a turistic zone nearest to Molina in the VII region. The camera was from my current mobile phone.
Or maybe can be, like this: 

The 1.2 photo show us: "la cueva del pirata" a place in the Curicó mountains, and was taken by me when  accompanied by a group of friends crossing through it.
The other type of pictures that I like are ones that show up with my friends, these are important because they represent a moment of our lives, for example:

This one was taken in automatic way, we was in antofagasta mall center an rainy day, thats its very unusual there...


I don't really remember who's take this photo and what's exactly we celebrating, but i love it, because is simple and shows a lot of energy.

Take a picture for me is more than just a way to have fun, because immortalizes a moment which we can always to revive through the image. A example about that are the collages that i likes to make.


We can do a lot of things with photos, they are make laugh, to remember, get us nostalgic and you appreciated even more in those moments. Although all the drama that they possess, in section four we will focus on its ability to make us laugh and enjoy them:

Just i think this image is very funny, was taken from the website:          

This photo 4.2 was made by me, the last year.
And that is one of the advantages of today's advances in technology, is possible to remodel pictures with photosop sotfware or other programs.

Some extras:

 Well the images talk by themselves, that it is one of they big characteristic...
. . .
To conclude we have seen the photographs we realize a nostalgic feeling, artistic and even somewhat humorous, but missing its mysterious side that illustrate below with a series of ampplaciones of a photograph was taken in my backyard with my mobile phone camera. At first glance there is nothing can be distingued for the darkness of the night, but as it enlarge...

So!... a fireball appears acrossing  the night sky. Enlarging even more the photo:

And in the last insance we have:

The really strange was that this ball of fire was ascending at speeds irregular, so it could not be a comet. Suddenly there is static on the roof of my house at a considerable altitude, and then climb vertically and disappeared. The whole scene lasts no more than two minutes in this thing coming from the direction of the sea, stops about where we were and disappears... Even so I managed to make a couple of shots with my camera phone but I thought it wasn't right by the darkness...
Even today I do not know what it is, and probably I'll never discover... but for this there are the photographs, they are a great test of what really happens.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

>Movies< a hobby for all

There are so many kind of films as you can imagine. You can see it at cinema, buy them, to hire them, or simply to watch them on TV.   
 I love to go the cinema, in fact my favorite’s movies (spider-man and matrix)  I went to saw them around four time each one. Lately I have been a little busy, and I have not been there since last year, but when I have enough free time, immediately I’ll escape for cinema.
However, I’ve can see movies, trough my pc screen by internet, and I’ve buy some of them too. I remember, that last movie I watched, was on DvD, and called: Exorcism of something…
But, it has passed a long time since I not see a really good movie as Matrix… my favourite movie. It’s about the war of men vs machines, and to span ancient myths about the humankind. In the matrix Humans are grown in pods and are connected by cybernetic implants to an artificial reality called the Matrix, which keeps their minds under control while the machines use the bioelectricity and thermal energy of their bodies as an energy source. The last human city in the Earth is Zion, and their inhabitants, will fight for to survive in the war against the machines.
It is just awesome, and is a trilogy, it`s mean, the saga to span three movies. Including into the cast stars like: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving.    
As well, the film is a little difficult to understand in the beginning, reason for I would recommend it just an elder audience. But, once you have got the main idea, you will love it.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I love travel, and i hold to maximum the chance for make a trip.

Where do you usually spend your holidays?
sadly, i usually stay at home, becouse my family doesn`t have enough time for to travel. But since 17 old, i have been travel with friends. With they, we usually out for camping to close pleaces.

Where did you go on your last holidays? How was it?
I went to Parque inglés in Molina, a wonderer camping place located as the bottom of the Andes hills. Every day was exiting.

Do you have any plans for next holidays? Tell us about it.
For next summer i don`t have nothing planned yet, but for winter holidays i espect to go to Antofagasta, Iquique and other northern cities.

What places in Chile would you like to visit?
I would like to visit San Pedro de Atacama and Eastern Island.

Have you ever been abroad?
No, but i wish to.

What country or countries would you like to visit? Why?
If i could visit an other country it will be China or Irak... because i think they are not like show us the occidental tv. And to see by my own eyes thier culture, is to see the true, or the nearest to reality as possible.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Free time is the best of the world

 From Monday to Thursday I come to university and get out at 6 pm. That let me about five hours for free time, but I study three hours from them. Then I get just two free hours, and I spend that time for dinner and check the news.
But I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday interlay empties. And I spend that free time from several ways, being mainly two:
1)      Indoors
I like to reed archaeological articles and watch in youtube videos to relate whit world origins.
I see WWE too. I like to play PES in PS2 and the sorts of cards game I play are like FOURTH KING and Poker.
2)      Outdoors
The activities I do to outdoors I thing are restricted just to play soccer.

When I was a kid I loved to fly kites, collecting cards for albums and I remember I played any kind of outdoors games.
I would like to try, once time in my life at least, doing parachuting. I mean the sensation of air touching your face in that’s extremely situation its must be exciting, you know, is like if you could to fly.    
Then, I think the way in that I spend my free time is not so unproductive at all.  

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Favorite Character of Anthropology ?

                                                     (July 9, 1858 – December 21, 1942)

Boas was a German-American Anthropologist was born in Minden, Westphalia. He studied at the Heidelberg and Bonn Universities, after got a postgrade title in 1881 like physicist and geographer by Kiel University. In 1886 he moved to America. After works like teacher of several universities, finally he came to enter to Columbia University in 1899, directing this way the most influent anthropology department in the country. Specialist in the languages, culture and evolution of the American native societies, was the relativist school founder and. In 1911 wrote “The Mind of Primitive Man”, work that was really important, since its publication, was one of the basic texts of anthropology, a discipline that Boas contributed greatly to establish and diffuse. He co-founded the American Anthropological Association and, since 1931, was president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
His most important contributions:
- He studied to Kwakiutl Indians for more than 40 years.
-Developed visual anthropology.
-Precursory of historical particularism.
 -Propelled anthropological linguistics.
- Notable contributions in physical anthropology
-Progress in the field work.
His Books
-The Relation of Darwin to Anthropology
-The Mind of Primitive Man (1911)
-Race, Language, and Culture (1940)
-The Shaping of American Anthropology
-Anthropology and Modern Life (1928)
-Changes Inform of Body of Descendant of Immigrants (1911)
-Culture and Race (1913)
-Primitive Art (1927)
-Dakota Grammar (1941)
As you can see Boas was one of the greatest anthropologists of the last century, not only by the amount of work and material stuff that he do, but its development and introduction of scientific method in anthropological work, is therefore regarded as the father of American anthropology and founder of modern anthropology.

        Bibliography:  Ino Rossi y Edwards O’Higgins, 1981, teorías de la cultura y métodos antropológicos, pp 92-101, Barcelona, editorial Anagrama.